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We are a team of highly specialized lawyers with an outstanding track record in the field of labor law, compliance and corporate law.

Our extensive experience in the labor field allows us to efficiently advise companies from the most diverse sectors of the economy. We stand out for providing excellent care in matters of individual and collective labor law.

Our personalized service allows us to develop and assume global preventive advice that seeks conflict resolution, assuming labor lawsuits, collective negotiations, union relations, social security, and immigration matters, among others, with the highest quality standard.

Likewise, our experience and deep knowledge in matters of compliance and corporate law allow us to provide general and comprehensive corporate advice to our clients, considering all the legal aspects that affect a company or business.

We accompany our clients in the periodic verification of compliance with current regulations, as well as for the implementation of the best practices available within the company, seeking to cover, among others, the field of crime prevention, labor legislation, legislation on consumer protection, corporate governance, data protection legislation and information security.

We provide effective solutions to complex problems and respond to our client’s requirements in an agile, efficient, safe, and creative manner.

Practice Areas
We are a team that offers collaborative work and comprehensive advice to our clients, seeking to accompany them with a creative and modern look.

Labor Law

We offer a personalized service in labor lawsuits, permanent labor advice, collective negotiations, union relations, social security, migrations, with the highest quality standard.

Corporate Law

Area created to attend to the increasingly demanding and diverse needs of our clients during the life of the companies.


Area that seeks to accompany our clients in the mission of ensuring that their companies do not violate or are affected by breaches of the different and diverse regulations applicable to their business, thereby affecting the reputational and economic costs of the companies.

Data Protection and Technology

Area whose objective is to support our clients in issues as relevant today as privacy, the processing of personal (and non-personal) data, and technological contracting.


Our migration area accompanies the foreign worker throughout the residence process, until their definitive installation in Chile.

Diario Financiero entrevistó a Natalia Lecaros A. sobre su experiencia de incorporarse desde una Fiscalía a nuestra oficina de abogados.

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Les recordamos que el próximo 24 de marzo entra en vigencia el Reglamento de Comercio Electrónico.

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Les damos a conocer el Decreto que determina el Ingreso Mínimo Mensual.

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